2019 Scholarships

Below highlights the scholarship opportunities as well as graduate assistantships available for the 2019 ASCA Annual Conference.

Scholarship Timeline

October 3rd – applications open

October 31st – application deadline

November 17th – applicants notified by ASCA Executive Director

February 6 - 9, 2019 – ASCA Annual Conference, Jacksonville, FL

2019 Annual Conference Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship Fund selection process has concluded for the 2019 Conference.

The Diversity Scholarship Fund was established to increase diversity through the recruitment of conduct professionals from diverse backgrounds. The scholarship provides financial assistance to underrepresented students and professionals who play active roles in student conduct/disciplinary processes. Conference Scholarships provide paid conference registration for new members.

Recipients of the Diversity Scholarship must agree to the following:
• Recipients must attend the 2019 ASCA Annual Conference in Jacksonville, FL.
• Actively serve on an ASCA Diversity Committee during the year following the Annual Conference.
• Volunteer to assist the Diversity Committee with any diversity related program (more information provided later) that will occur at the Annual Conference.

Also, please be prepared to upload a copy of your current Resume or Vita at the end of the application.

Raymond Goldstone ASCA Foundation's 2019 ASCA Annual Conference Scholarship

 The Raymond Goldstone ASCA Foundation's 2018 ASCA Annual Conference Scholarship is a monetary grant to pay for the cost of registration. Applicants must be first time attendees and the recipient will be expected volunteer to assist with the Foundation Annual Silent Auction at the national conference in 2018. Before you complete your application, you will need a letter of support from your supervisor and a copy of your resume which should be uploaded at the end of this application.  

2019 Annual Conference Graduate Assistantships

The Presidential and Bracewell Conference Graduate Assistantships have been developed to foster leadership opportunities within the Association for Student Conduct Administration. The Graduate Assistants (GA’s) will have opportunities to observe and interact with ASCA leadership, to experience the organization’s inner workings – either through the Board of Directors or the Conference Planning Team, and to gain access to mentors and a professional network within the Association. In exchange for providing assistance under the direction of the ASCA President or the Conference Chair, the Graduate Assistants will receive complimentary lodging at the conference site hotel (with a roommate), up to $125 reimbursed for meals, and a waiver of the conference registration fee. 

ASCA Presidential Graduate Assistantship

The ASCA Presidential Graduate Assistantship provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into the Board of Directors’ meetings, including the opportunity to interact directly with them. The main time commitment includes attending the Board of Director Meetings during the days prior to the annual conference, and providing clerical and administrative support as needed.  Additional responsibilities may arise during the conference, such as staffing tables or assisting board members as needed. Main responsibilities include:

• Be in attendance at the ASCA Winter Board Meeting and the 2019 Annual Conference from February 2 - 10, 2019.

• Assist with planning (if necessary) and attend the luncheon given by the President for the past presidents. 

• Provide logistical assistance at the Annual Business Meeting.

• Provide logistical and clerical support to ASCA leadership.

• Make a presentation to the Board of Directors on a topic chosen by the President that is relevant to the Association and the field of student conduct.

• Develop a written summary of the conference experience including suggested changes to be made for future conferences. The summary should be received within thirty (30) days of the end of the conference. The summary may be submitted informally through email.

ASCA Bracewell Conference Graduate Assistantship

The ASCA Bracewell Conference Graduate Assistantship provides the unique opportunity of experiencing the detailed behind-the-scenes coordination of a large-scale conference. This involves assisting the core conference committee with a variety of aspects of conference logistical planning and implementation. Main responsibilities include:

• Be in attendance at the 2019 Annual Conference from February 2 – 10, 2019.

• Attend the pre-conference logistics meeting on Sunday, February 3rd.

• Shadow the Conference Chair, Assistant Conference Chair, and other members of the conference planning team and assist as needed.

• Assist the core conference planning team with conference logistics as needed or directed.

•Staff the registration table, assist with event set up, and provide logistical support throughout the conference.

• Problem-solve as appropriate and represent the conference committee positively.

•Actively engage in the conference and report concerns and observations to the conference planning committee.

•Develop a written summary of the conference experience including suggested changes to be made for future conferences. The summary should be received within thirty (30) days of the end of the conference. The summary may be submitted informally through email.