These sessions will be held Wednesday, February 6, 2019.   If you have questions, please contact us at

Full-Day Pre-Cons

All Full-Day Pre-Cons are $210

Acknowledging our Biases, Re-framing Our Practices: Re-imagining Student Conduct for

International Students 

Presenters: Heather Cohen, DuJuan Smith, Ana Hoban

Many conversations occur around the complexities of student conduct involving international students. Absent in these dialogues are the lack of resources, educational opportunities, and exploration of the role biases towards international students play in our proceedings. Using research on cultural dimensions and international perspectives on community standards, this session will re-frame how our process engages our community around international students.

Navigating Training Conduct Boards 

Presenters: Maureen Grewe and Maya Burney 

Honor boards play an integral part of universities. With institutions facing more scrutiny when it comes to how offices respond to potential Conduct, Title IX, and Honor Code violations the training of Boards is a critical aspect for institutions. This pre-con will showcase training best practices and participants will walk away with tangible materials to bolster their training curriculum.


Coordinator: Travis Overton

Available as a full day pre-conference session, specific to our senior student affairs and senior conduct officer attendees.  We hope you’ll join us or tell relevant professionals on your campus about this                      opportunity. A final list of topics are still to be determined, but at this time, a possible list of topics include: Campus Wide Events, Student Behavior Online: the fine line, Appeals and appellate officers, Transcript notation, Recent changes with investigative models: things to consider, ADA compliance within the conduct offices, Working with faculty, Organizational conduct, Title IX – on the horizon, Working collaboratively on bystander education, Supervising the conduct area, and First Amendment and Social Justice intersection.

Conduct Boot Camp for Community College Practitioners

Presenters: Tim Cason, Erin Logan, Mary Zabriskie

Examine the essential elements and best practices for effectively addressing conduct matters in the community college setting.  Information will include due process considerations, resolution strategies and building teams within the institution. Time will be spent understanding issues of concern when it comes to student behavior in multiple contexts including utilizing behavior intervention teams, Title IX matters and more. Participants will explore strategies that support student success and create educational experiences, while taking into consideration issues of campus safety.

Generation "If You See Something, Say Something"- Redefining Campus Threat Assessment 

Presenter: Katie L. Treadwell 

Every member of the campus community is responsible for threat assessment. Often, threat assessment is relegated to a handful of individuals but fails to consider the broader community’s insights. Through well-known case studies, the presenter will highlight critical threat assessment lessons that are being lost with time, as well as the impact of living in and/or serving a generation defined by threat assessment. This workshop focuses on the role of behavioral intervention teams, campus-wide training, and innovative approaches to assessing perceived threats. Participants will receive training materials and develop strategies to involve the entire community in harm reduction.

Half-Day Pre-Cons

All Half-Day Pre-Cons are $125

Morning Pre-Cons

From Transactional to Transformative: Implementing Adaptable and Just Approaches to Addressing Conflict  

Presenter: Lena Crain, Ryan Holmes, and Erik Wessel

Opportunities to include peace building, social justice, and skills development in conflict resolution are increasing, including dialogue coaching, restorative practices, mediation, and negotiation. In this program, participants will explore how to build creative, adaptable, and transformative approaches to conflict resolution, and recommendations for partnerships, policy, and practice for campuses seeking to shift from the traditional, transactional conduct model to adaptable, just practices.

Stalking On Campus 

Presenters: Nicholas Campau and Kaitlin Zies

The VAWA Amendments to Clery require annual training for stalking and how to conduct an investigation and hearing process that protects the safety of victims and promotes accountability. This program is designed to cover these topics as well as common misconceptions, safety planning, and other aspects of the conduct process.

Serving Students with Autism: Challenges in the Conduct Process 

Presenters: Lee Williams and  Bradley Cox

Campuses are seeing an increase in the number of students with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger's Syndrome. These students bring with them social, behavioral and communication challenges that may be disruptive or misunderstood by the community, leading to allegations of misconduct. Participants will learn about these traits and the strategies that might make a difference in responding to these students.

Implementing Academic Restorative Justice  

Presenters: Clayton Bracht, Sharon Dzik, Katie Koopmeiners , Ryan Podolak, and Erin Strange

Academic misconduct impacts the foundation of higher education and the broader institutional community. This program will focus on a model of academic restorative justice that has been successfully implemented at two universities. Participants will receive program materials, participate in a mock meeting, and discuss implementation strategies.

Afternoon Pre-Cons

Foundations for Student Housing Conduct 

Presenters: JoCynda Hudson and Douglas Bell

Housing staff members are the front line of many conduct processes. These interactions can be uplifting learning opportunities for staff and communities alike. In this session, participants will review the foundations of an educational and developmental approach to student conduct within a fair and compliant process. Utilizing information from Conduct and Community, presenters will focus on educational opportunities from confrontation to sanctioning. Other roles of housing professionals such as working with Conduct Offices and Deans of Students will be explored.

Vicarious Trauma Workshop: Higher Education Professionals Engaged with Sexual Misconduct (Title IX Cases)

Presenter: Jill Bassett

The purpose of this workshop is to provide higher education professionals with basic information and skills to effectively identify and process vicarious trauma. This workshop is designed from my quantitative dissertation research, Vicarious Trauma in Higher Education for those Engaged with Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Cases. The workshop will include a participant guidebook which will include learning objectives, activities, and resources.

Charting the Course to an Equitable and Effective Student Organization Conduct Process

Presenters:  Rachel Russell, Katherine Pezzella,

and Megan Buda

Fraternity/sorority life, student organization advising, and student conduct staff will present their experience overhauling the student organization conduct process for their campus, focusing on effective collaboration and communication, equitable processes for student organizations within and outside the fraternity/sorority community, and student learning and development. Participants will gain strategies for implementing changes to their own student organization conduct processes.

Navigating Student Conduct Administration as a Person of Color at a Predominantly White Institution 

Presenters: Dr. Patience Bryant, Robert Dotson, Derrick D. Dixon, and Reyna Anaya

Working in student conduct administration at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) presents its challenges for People of Color. This session will create the space for participants to discuss their experiences working in a majority White field, what lessons they have learned, and what support they can offer other People of Color who work in student conduct at PWIs.

Intersection of GLBTQ & Sexual Harassment/Assault 

Presenters: Kristen Harrell and Mikiba Morehead

This interactive half-day pre-con will provide an opportunity for participants to process through the impacts of identity on sexual misconduct cases. Specific attention will be paid to LGBTQ+ identities. Participants will be asked to reflect on their policies and procedures to determine adjustments that may be made to make processes, training, and policies more inclusive.