Why Partner With ASCA?

Why Partner with ASCA?

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring, partnering, or exhibiting with ASCA. You likely already have some familiarity with ASCA’s mission and the value we bring as an Association and community of members. But what sets ASCA apart when choosing where to spend your marketing resources?

ASCA attendees value networking and relationship-building

Annual assessments of the ASCA Annual Conference consistently affirm that the primary reason professionals attend ASCA is to network and reconnect with colleagues in the field. Approximately 750 attendees are engaged and ready to connect with speakers, exhibitors, and each other to learn more about persons and products to fit the unique needs of their individual college campuses.

The ASCA Annual Conference attracts a range of higher education professionals

About one-third of annual Conference attendees are first-time attendees. This means there are plenty of chances to connect with new institutions and individuals each year. Staff engaging in student conduct work are ever-changing, and the Conference attracts a wide variety of roles: senior student affairs officers such as vice presidents and deans, directors, assistant directors, coordinators, investigators, compliance personnel, fraternity/sorority staff, and residence life professionals.

Whether you are looking to establish connections with professionals new to student conduct, hoping to land new contracts with upper-level administrators, or to reconnect with current clients, the ASCA Annual Conference meets your needs!

Student conduct: a continually growing field of professionals

As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve, ASCA’s reach is expanding. Once a group primarily for deans and their staff who were working as hearing officers, the dynamic nature of college campuses has led to an expansion in the populations served. Exhibitors will be able to interact with staff from offices such as, but not limited to: fraternity and sorority life, student conduct, residence life and housing, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, campus safety, sexual misconduct, legal affairs, and more.

ASCA’s exhibitor space: more personal than a traditional exhibit hall

Larger conference events fill giant exhibit halls and hope that attendees will prioritize taking the time to walk through these spaces. ASCA’s conference layout and size allows you to personally engage with prospective clients, yet large enough to make hundreds of impressions. ASCA does not believe in tucking our sponsors away in an exhibit hall. Instead, we locate exhibitors in high-traffic areas throughout the conference space to increase your visibility. At the Oregon Convention Center (OCC), the entirety of the Conference is centralized in a dedicated wing of the OCC with exhibitors located in strategic locations throughout the wing.

ASCA offers access to a wealth of engagement opportunities

Uniqueness sells, so why limit your creativity when it comes to engaging with our members? We know that you are the ones who know your audience best. Therefore, you should not have to solely pick from a preset “menu” of sponsorship options. Have an idea for a new engagement offering you’d like to pursue? Please feel free to contact ASCA Executive Director Tess Barker to start a conversation.

Registration Form

Ready to commit to a partnership with the ASCA Annual Conference? Great! For your convenience, all forms are housed electronically and can be accessed via the link below.

Request to Sponsor and/or Exhibit at the ASCA Annual Conference

After submitting a Request to Sponsor and/or Exhibit, ASCA staff will provide additional information and an Exhibitor Agreement.

Have additional questions or want to discuss opportunities with a member of the ASCA professional staff? Please contact:

Tess Barker, JD, PhD
ASCA Executive Director
[email protected]