Find a Roommate

By popular demand, the 2024 Conference Committee is excited to provide an opportunity for attendees to find a hotel roommate!

Please read the instructions to learn more about how to use this service.

Step 1: Complete the form
Step 2: The 2024 Conference Committee will post your request on PadLet, which will be accessible to attendees and others filling out this form.
Step 3: You and anyone else who completes the form should access the PadLet to explore your options.

Upon completion of this form, the Conference committee will post your request on PadLet, which will be avaliable for conference attendees to review. You are responsible for completing this form and for taking steps to identify a potential roommate. ASCA is unable to manually match individuals.

If you have any concerns with this process or the use of PadLet, please contact the 2024 Conference Committee Chair, Erin Breiner, at [email protected].