Pre-Conference Sessions

Pre-Conference Sessions will be held on Jan 23, 2023.
Half-Day AM Sessions: 8:30 AM – Noon
Half-Day PM Sessions: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Full-Day Sessions: 8:30 AM – Noon & 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
* All times are listed in Pacific.

Pre-Con Session Rates:
Half-Day: $150
Full-Day: $250

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Full-Day Pre-Cons

Operationalizing Alternative Dispute Resolution: Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Policy Writing

Presenters: Léna Crain, Associate Dean of Students, Bucknell University; Vin Ciampolillo, Associate Director, Cornell University

After training in mediation, conflict coaching, or restorative justice facilitation, educators might wonder how to approach policy and process development, assessment, and strategic planning related to those practices. This session will focus on “operationalizing” Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Participants will learn about strategic planning, policy writing, and assessment to plan, draft, and measure an ADR program.

By attending this pre-conference session, attendees should expect to leave with the following learning outcomes:
• Learn processes of strategic planning, assessment, and policy writing
• Consider unique qualities of ADR practices in assessment planning
• Apply session concepts into an actions plan for participants’ organizations.

Director/Senior Conduct Officer Boot Camp

Presenters: Tara Shollenberger, Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies, Higher Education, High Point University; Dr. Erin Logan, University of Colorado; Dr. Ron Hicks, Arizona State University; Dr. Nicole Ferguson, CSU Pueblo; Joe DiMaria, J.D., Bristol Community College

The Director/Senior Conduct Officer Boot Camp is a full-day pre-con examining the advanced issues and topics relevant for the leaders in student conduct on our campuses. We will revisit and expand on the conversations discussed during the Gehring Academy 2022 Senior Conduct Officer Track. Topics include marketing/branding, politics, supervision, mental health, freedom of speech, ethics, and more.

By attending this pre-conference session, attendees should expect to leave with the following learning outcomes:
• Create a baseline for information sharing.
• Organize a community of senior level professionals to encourage networking and growth sharing.
• Share experience and good practices that can be taken back to others

Moving the Needle: Incorporating Restorative Justice Responsibly at Predominantly White Institutions (with Predominantly White Practitioners)

Presenter: Love Wallace, Assistant Dean, Student Conduct & Community Standards, Brown University; Kirsten Wolfe, Associate Dean, Student Conduct & Community Standards

This session will focus on how to incorporate formal and informal restorative justice practices & processes into an institution’s existing procedures. Participants will learn the basics on what RJ looks like when implemented incorrectly and how to avoid appropriating indigenous practices. Presenters will provide blueprints on how to responsibly implement and train on RJ to (predominantly white) staff at PWIs.

By attending this pre-conference session, attendees should expect to leave with the following learning outcomes:
• Participants will be able to describe two ways to responsibly incorporate restorative justice practices at their home institutions.
• Participants will be able to evaluate their own biases within restorative justice work.
• Participants will be able to recognize three instances of appropriation in regards to restorative justice within a Higher Education setting.

Half-Day Pre-Cons

Conduct Boards: Training and Experiential Learning
(AM Session)

Presenter: Maureen Grewe, Director of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity, University of South Carolina

Conduct boards provide amazing learning opportunities for students. Through purposeful training and learning outcomes for board members, these students are provided a meaningful experiential learning opportunity. This presentation will showcase training and ongoing development best practices and participants will leave with tangible materials to assess board members, encourage growth, and ensure the experience is a valuable one for all participants.

By attending this pre-conference session, attendees should expect to leave with the following learning outcomes:
• Create a framework to develop and track student learning within the conduct board experience.
• Develop training and reflection activities to encourage growth and development for their conduct board members.
• Evaluate the performance of their conduct board members through a 360-degree model of evaluation and feedback.


Appreciative Inquiry: A New Inclusive Excellence Response to Student Behavior
(AM Session)

Presenter: Valerie Glassman, Senior Director for Student Affairs, Medical Education, UNC Chapel Hill

Appreciative inquiry is an unconditionally affirmative, strengths-based exploration of a student’s/organization’s positive core, inviting them to harness the best of what is within them to increase confidence, leadership, and achievement. This interactive session introduces student conduct practitioners to an alternative model for student conflict resolution that aligns with the profession’s pivot to more adaptive resolution pathways.

By attending this pre-conference session, attendees should expect to leave with the following learning outcomes:
• Identify bias and privilege embedded in traditional conduct codes
• Critically reflect on their current hearing/meeting script or protocol to acknowledge deficit-framed questioning
• Name the 5 Ds of appreciative inquiry
• Utilize the AI model to help students identify their “positive core” and empower them to make an active commitment to leverage their strengths in aligning their dreams and actualizing their values.


Managing Title IX Cases in Maxient
(AM Session)

Presenter: Lance Watson, Client Support Specialist, and Michael Ginsburg, Client Success Advisor, both of Maxient LLC

Discussion will focus on system configuration including reporting forms, restricting cases, charges/issues, supportive measures, and letters. We will also cover case creation and case management recommendations for student and employee cases with an eye to analytics. Attendees must be current Maxient users and have a basic understanding of Maxient.

By attending this pre-conference session, attendees should expect to leave with the following learning outcomes:
• Gain a solid foundation for successful Maxient system setup for Title IX
• Learn about Maxient’s recommendations for successful Title IX case management
• Be introduced to Maxient’s Title IX specific analytics


Equitable Conduct Practices: Infusing Disability Services with Community Standards
(PM Session)

Presenters: Ali Marten Scoufield, Assistant Vice President for Campus Engagement & Dean of Students, Cleveland State University; Grace Clifford, Director of Disability Services for the David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, LA; Marcos Rivera, Director of Disability & Testing Services, Cleveland State University

The National Center for Educational Statistics indicated over 31% of college students reported having a disability in 2022. Yet too often, disability is left out of equity conversations. This pre-conference seeks to ensure our conduct practices are as inclusive as possible by sharing ways of including disability awareness into our work. Three field experts will affirm: Disability is Diversity.

Through participation in this pre-conference workshop, participants will learn:
• The importance of viewing disabilities from an asset framework and broadly considering ways of making conduct processes accessible and equitable
• How to partner with disability services offices to fully collaborate in supporting all students; Disability is Diversity
• Gap areas or areas of focus for their institutions; prioritizing elements related to disability access and inclusion; perhaps policy, sanctions, process, etc.

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