2022 ASCA Annual Conference Exhibitor Opportunities

Dear Prospective ASCA Exhibitors:

Thank you for your consideration as an exhibitor with the Association for Student Conduct Administration Annual Conference.

Each year, the Association is pleased to partner with organizations and companies, such as yours, to bring valuable exhibits to our approximately 1,000 attendees. Our attendees range from graduate students and entry-level professionals beginning their career-long relationships with vendors to seasoned professionals serving in senior student conduct officer (SSAO) roles. In this continued COVID environment, ASCA is planning for an in-person event, with hopes that 500-600 of our colleagues will be able to join us. Read on to learn more about what sets ASCA apart when choosing where to spend your marketing time and dollars.

  • ASCA attendees value networking and relationship-building.
    Annual assessments of the ASCA Annual Conference consistently yield data affirming that the primary reason that professionals choose to attend ASCA is for the opportunity to network and reconnect with colleagues in the field. We expect a population of nearly 500-600 conference attendees who are engaged with those around them and ready to converse with speakers, exhibitors, and each other to learn more about persons and products to fit the unique needs of their individual college campuses.
  • The ASCA Conference attracts a range of higher education professionals.
    Yearly, about a third of the attendees to the ASCA Conference are first-time attendees to the event meaning that there are new chances to connect with institutions and individually year-to-year. The persons engaging in student conduct work are ever-changing, and the Conference attracts senior student affairs officers such as vice presidents and deans, but also directors, assistant directors, coordinators, investigators, compliance personnel, and residence life professionals. Whether you are looking to mingle with professionals new to student conduct to begin foundational rapport, looking to land new contracts with upper-level administrators, or are looking to reconnect with current clients, the ASCA Conference meets these needs.
  • Student conduct continues to be a growing field of professionals.
    As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve, ASCA’s reach is expanding. Once a group primarily for deans and their staffs who were working as hearing officers, the dynamic nature of college campuses has led to an expansion in the populations served. Exhibitors will be able to interact with staff from offices such as, but not limited to, fraternity and sorority life, student conduct, residence life and housing, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, campus safety, sexual misconduct, legal affairs, and more.
  • ASCA’s exhibitor space is more personal than a traditional exhibit hall.
    Larger conference events fill giant exhibit halls and hope that attendees will prioritize taking the time to walk through these spaces. ASCA is small enough to personally engage with prospective clients, but large enough to make hundreds of impressions. ASCA does not believe in tucking our sponsors away in an exhibit hall, but rather locates exhibitors in high-traffic areas within the conference space to drive up visibility. At the Crystal Gateway Marriott in the greater Washington, D.C. area, the entirety of the conference will be located on the second floor of the conference center and all exhibitors will be able to showcase their products and personnel in the wide atrium area that runs the length of the corridor adjacent to the property’s multiple ballrooms.
  • ASCA offers access to a wealth of engagement opportunities.
    We know that you are the ones who know your audience best. Therefore, you should not have to solely pick from a pre-determined “menu” of vendor and investment options at the conference. Uniqueness sells, so why limit your creativity when it comes to engaging with our members? Have an idea for a new engagement offering you’d like to pursue or looking to name your price? Please feel free to contact ASCA Deputy Director, Christine Simone, at [email protected] to start the conversation.

The 2022 ASCA Annual Conference will be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. This property houses multiple large open hallway spaces between meeting rooms that will allow for high visibility among conference attendees. Aside from direct access to our higher education professionals, our exhibitor and business partner member packages offer a variety of marketing and sponsorship opportunities at a variety of price points to suit any budget. We believe that you are the one who knows your clients and their needs best and, therefore, know how best to reach these audiences. The enclosed materials demonstrate examples of partnerships which you may choose to pursue or choose to contact us to pitch additional ideas that best suit your needs.

Thank you again for your willingness to consider a partnership with ASCA. As you review the enclosed materials, please feel free to reach out to me at the contact information below. We look forward to working with you and seeing you in February!


Christine Simone, Ed.D.(c)
ASCA Deputy Director
[email protected]

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